2019 Family T-Shirt Design Contest 

Create a design that represents the family. We will vote online to choose the design that we like best and have it printed on the cookout T-Shirts. Submit your drawing by January 31st 2019. 

Winners Will receive: 
$50.00 (Adults) 
$25.00 (Kids) 
 Gift Card and a Free Shirt! 

Must be a family member to participate. 
We will have  2 competitions - 
Adult Shirt Design Competition (Ages 12 & Up) 
Kids Shirt Design Contest (Ages 0 -11).

How to to enter:   

Send a photo of your design via Email to  Shafferfamilylegacy@gmail.com with your Name, Age and Reason why you created this design.  Incomplete entries will NOT be Accepted. 
Entries will be posted on this site and on our Facebook Group for voting. Anyone can vote for your design so encourage your family and friends to vote because all votes matter!  Winner will be announced January 1st 2019.  Prize Gift card will be Awarded at the cookout 2019. T-Shirt will be mailed or given at or around the time of our  2019 cookout.